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  1. Sapphire the meowstic

    Metagame SS Monotype Suspect #1: Melmetal

    Speaking for pretty much all psychic players who played this meta, there’s no way to comfortably counter melmetal without making extreme countermeasures to make sure you don’t get steamrolled by it, for example I run specs MS indeedee, a super common set and it can’t deal with it while it just...
  2. Sapphire the meowstic

    Project Monotype Core Laddering Challenge: [INDEX THREAD]

    Name: Sapphire Meowstic Lad alt: CcSSNo1 Meow Peaks: 1365 Hof replays: W/L: 27/12
  3. Sapphire the meowstic

    Side SM Monotype Mini Ladder Tournament - Cycle 2

    ASM2 giraffe (Let’s hope week2 is better)
  4. Sapphire the meowstic

    Metagame Should Melmetal be monotype’s next suspect?

    Melmetal. The absolute beast of steel. Ever since I rejoined the meta game and went up against this beast it was powerful, it’s a beast that can tank anything with a assault vest or kill anything with a choice band. 135 Base hp is a powerful amount and a base 145 defense combined with a 65 sp.D...
  5. Sapphire the meowstic

    Monotype Monotype Spring Seasonal - Round 2

    Opponent forfeited in conversation